Investment Bank Intranet

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Combine divisions, combine roles and combine countries

An investment bank knew its intranet wasn't working, but they weren't sure exactly why or how it should change. To complicate things, the company's 3 divisions used different intranets, and there were regional versions as well, catering to all job roles. 

My responsibilities

  • User Research
  • Product Owner
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy

Gather a knowledge layer

Since virtually nothing was known about people's actual usage of the intranets, we launched a global survey that got 400 responses. That was followed up with interviews and prioritization exercises, creating an excellent starting point of user data for the project.

Set project direction

We observed dozens of useful themes throughout the research, which helped us hone in on the priorities for the new site. The resulting brief helped 'sell' the project within the company and would set the foundation for change management in addition to design and dev itself.

Empathize with users

As the design phase began, we needed to imagine the mental and emotional states of our users to create designs that anticipated their needs. Archteyptes, based on our research, helped foster empathy and place users in a wider context. 

Understand what we're working with

Content audits are crucial to understanding what's at play, but they often are not useful for people beyond the one who conducts the audit. Using a color coding system, I was able to communicate findings to other team members at a glance, and we set the foundation for future state IA. 

Imagine the future

Using the current state IA that resulted from the audit, we were able to create a future state IA that the intranet would evolve towards. In stages, the current intranets would gradually leave the old intranets by the wayside.

The rubber meets the road: content strategy

There's nothing like producing content for a new site to help you and your client think realistically about what's involved. The site's new communication channel (which was designed using protocontent) required serious changes in workflow and mindset. I encouraged and pushed for change management in production of this content. 

Own the Product

I took over product owner responsibilities at a certain point in the project, writing acceptance criteria in JIRA and generally steering. Playing both a content and product owner role was strange, but it gave me some excellent insights into how agile projects should and should not be run.