Content Strategy Highlight

When I first heard the term “content strategy,” it sounded like silly, meaningless design speak. But after reading up and digging in (h/t the awesome Sara W-B), I realized I’ve been doing this for a long time, since my first job at a web design agency out of college. I just didn’t have a name for it.

Content strategy can be many things. See my projects and work products below for how I’m defining it. 



I've written copy for print, web, apps and games. Note: this encompasses client work only. I don't count my journalism or UX writing as copywriting!

Content Style Guides

Content Style Guides help owners and editors produce content that works with their products in terms of character count, tone and sustainability. Nerd moment of joy: when clients takes ownership of a style guide and update it the themselves.

Content Audits

If you don't understand the content, you don't understand the project. That's why content audits are such a crucial part of nearly every one. There is no single right way to do them. I modify my tool depending on the needs of the project in question.

Content Modeling

This part of the process can be a bit of a chicken and egg: does one start with content or design? Working with content elements that make up a page, template or module is one way to make sure the design works with the actual content. But it's still not black and white. In the end it's a back and forth process with design to refine what's actually required.

Information Architecture

Information architecture ensures that the bones and underlying organization of a product is logical. With a large site requiring reorganization, a new IA won't happen overnight, but can be adopted in a phased approach.

Content Sustainability and Workflow

This is one of my favorite aspects of content strategy, as it dips into management consulting and the people behind a product. If the people creating the content don't buy in, understand the changes, or if they don't have time to make them, the project will fail. That's why understanding workflow and people is such a key part of content strategy.