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This is a list of some of my stories in reverse chronological order. 

Only includes stories on which I have a byline. Does not include stories I worked on as a producer.

I'll try and add to this list as things are published. Apologies for broken links.

Hawaii Businesses Struggle With Uncertainty of Volcano (NPR) 

A focus on digital habits could help news publishers fight Facebook (Columbia Journalism Review)

Some Question the Social Cost of the Mexican Mall Construction Boom (Marketplace)

Anou, the Accessible Etsy of Morocco (Marketplace)

Smen is Morocco's Funky Fermented Butter that Lasts for Years (NPR's The Salt)

Top Dog in Amsterdam - MP3 (self-published radio mini-doc!)

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Just Drive One (NPR)

Ombudsman response to my Bike Trains piece (NPR)

Couple Revives Lost Moroccan Fig Liquor, One Bottle At A Time (NPR)

Questioning the Dow Jones

Disrupting the Gym Industry

As Banks Open in Schools, A Chance for Students to Learn to Save (NPR)

Learning How to Manage Money in In-School Banks (California Report)

L.A. Studies its Tiniest Residents: Insects (California Report)

Big Sunday Encourages Baby Steps to Volunteerism (NPR)

It's an Urban Bug's Life (KCRW's Press Play)

Deferred Payment Tech Training Programs (NPR)

For-Profit Programs Fill Gap in High-Tech Job Training (California Report)

Roving Literary Death Match (NPR)

Using Art to Reinforce Identity and Ties to the Philippines (California Report)

Wayfinding finding its future? (Marketplace)

A Disincorporation Story (BOOM)

Chicano Rock Bigfoot (Latino USA)

Cooking in a Latin-Jewish Melting Pot (NPR's CodeSwitch)

L.A. Bike Trains (NPR) Bike Trains Aim to Make Roads Safer for L.A. Cyclists (California Report)

Looking South: Investing in Brazil - jpg (Entrepreneur Magazine)

Buying your way onto the Hollywood Walk of Fame (Marketplace)

California's Newest City Faces Extinction (California Report)

Sign Spinning Mannequins (NPR)

Why Don't More Consumers Pay Bills Online? (Marketplace)

Making Grand Theft Auto Pay (spot for Marketplace)

In Los Angeles, Showcasing a City that Might Have Been (NPR) Admiring Buildings That Never Were (California Report)

Lure of Hollywood Draws Major Tech to Silicon Beach (Marketplace)

24th St Elementary - Parent Trigger (KCRW)

626 Night Market (California Report)

Biometrics in Brazil (Marketplace)

Flavors from the Amazon (The World)

Work From Home, Get Distracted (Marketplace)

Online Comment Culture (KCRW)

Little Julian's Secret (UnFictional on KCRW) Searching for Little Julian (California Report) - OR CHECK OUT THIS SPECIAL PAGE I PUT TOGETHER HERE

LA Transit Oriented Development (NPR)

Paiute Irrigation Systems (California Report)

Laugh Algorithm (NPR)

King Eddy Saloon (California Report)

Fitness Zones

Blacksmiths (NPR)

Cap Parks (California Report)

Jurupa (California Report)

L.A. Rail Lawsuits (NPR)

Alternative L.A. Tours (California Report)

JazzFest Health (NPR)

Explosive Art (NPR)

Walmart Chinatown (California Report)

Twitter Customer Service (NPR)

Metropolis II (NPR)

School Reunions (NPR)

Roundabouts (NPR)

Musical Theater Museum (NPR)

Bilingual Tech (NPR)

Live Concert Screamers (The Awl)

Digital Organizers (The Atlantic)

Hadas Fisher (The Jewish Journal)

Kinect Hack (NPR)

Medellin (NPR)

Khatuna Lorig (NPR)

Memolane (NPR)

QR Codes (Marketplace)

Spanish Language Books (NPR)

The Clock (NPR)

Bus Cuts - MP3 (California Report) 

Mexican Jewish (NPR)

Front Lawn Business (The Los Angeles Times) + video that originally accompanied the article

Entrepreneurship by Necessity (GOOD Magazine)

Northeast LA Flips (BOOM: A Journal of California, KCET's Artbound)

Immigrant Bicyclists (GOOD Magazine) + video

Market Makeovers

Shopping Cart Economy (KPCC)

Fitness Deserts (GOOD Magazine)

Homeless Kids Commute (KPCC)

Flipping a Historic Hollywood Hills home (Curbed)

Art in a Pool (NPR)

E-Cards (NPR)

Thomas Kinkade Troubles (NPR)

Small Town Branding (Marketplace)

Shopping Lists Replace Price Tags (NPR)

Cyclorama (NPR)

Philly Foreclosures (NPR)

High End Homes Sold as Art (NPR)


Wyeth's Christina's World Comes Home - MP3 (WHYY)

Competition for the Chinatown Bus - MP3 (WHYY)

Marginalization of Puppets - MP3 (WHYY)

The Dark Side of the Flower Show - MP3 (WHYY)

Evolution of Parades - MP3 (WHYY)

Succession Planning (Marketplace)

LGBT Marketing (Marketplace)

Young Investors (Marketplace)

Growing Plankton for the Carbon Market (Marketplace)

Elvis Pelvis (PopMatters)

Phased In - (The New Yorker) - MP3 here

Buttoned Up (The New Yorker)

Meeting A Beatle - MP3 (The New Yorker)

A Voice Lost (The New Yorker) - MP3 here

Bob Fass - MP3 (The New Yorker)

The Voice of the Morning (The New Yorker) - MP3 here

Northern Dispensary (The Villager)

Underground Bags (The Villager)

Tree Killer (The Villager)

Tunnel Garage (The Villager)

Lori Ardito (Downtown Express)

Cell Phone Ban (Downtown Express)

Bird Flu Chinatown (Downtown Express)

Home Depot Lease (Downtown Express)

ConEd Stray Voltage (Downtown Express)

Generational Tech (KCRW's The Business)

Tofu - PDF (OC Register)

Jewelry - PDF (OC Register)